Embrace the examined life

We believe in the power of routine self-assessment. Review Cadence has one, simple mission - to give you a centralized set of tools to conduct annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly reviews so that you can build a resilient life.

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Record Defining Moments

Reflect on past events, capture some of the defining moments that stand out, and attempt to extract valuable lessons for future growth.

Set Goals

Define what you would like to accomplish in the future, understand why you want to achieve them, and establish firm deadlines to measure your progress against.

Establish a Cadence

Establish dates for future sessions. Designate dates for annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly reviews to keep you moving forward.

The Power of Self-Assessment

Through disciplined self-assessment, you learn how to maximize your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

You begin to understand how you learn, what habits you engage in, and how you handle stressful situations. Self-assessments help you discover the "why" behind your actions. And they teach you how to break out of your comfort zone. You learn what activities drain your energy and which ones give you life. Most importantly, routine assessments create a record of your journey. As a result, you can look back over the sessions you have conducted and extract patterns and insights into the defining moments of growth in your life.